"Pharma77" is a Polish service company in the Pharmaceutical branch - grounded on the basis of years' experience on the generics market.
Main territory of our activity is: Poland.
Ul. Sw. Wincentego 130 / 10
PL 03-291 Warsaw (Poland)
Tel:     +48 781-812-777
e-mail: info@pharma77.pl
Regulated Release Forms, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Substances
Range of service
We focus on following service:
1. Raw materials for drugs:
  - active substances,
  - regulated release forms (pellets, tablets, capsules).
2. Documentation:
  - Registration Dossier in CTD format,
  - Technologies of finished forms.
3. Development of finished forms of drugs.
4. Licenses, know-how.
For all above points we assure full service, that our partners require from us.
Our philosophy
Because we are a "wide-range-service company", we are able to discuss any idea of business, which can be interesting and acceptable for each engaged party.
We are looking for the best solutions which correspond with continuously changing situation on the market.
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